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THE incredible cost of learning to drive has been revealed – and you should start saving as soon as you’re born

Teens looking to get behind the wheel need to shell out £1,625 before they’re fully qualified, according to a new study.

And for a 17-year-old that means saving £8 a month from the moment they enter the world.

That includes getting a provisional licence, taking professional driving lessons, getting insured on a parent’s car to practise and taking the practical and theory tests.

The mind-blowing cost is before you’ve then had to buy your first car and get insured on it.

Young driver insurer Marmalade estimates this can run to almost £7,000 once you’ve bought the car, insured it, taxed it and serviced it.


  • Provisional licence: £34
  • Learner driver insurance: £156.12 (90-day policy with Marmalade based on a 17-year-old)
  • Driving lessons: £1,314 (45 hours at £29.20 per hour with British School of Motoring)
  • Revision materials such as Highway Code, theory test book, learner driver and theory test app: £22.50
  • Theory test: £23
  • Practical test: £75

TOTAL: £1,624.62 

(Source: Marmalade)


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