Our Test Department monitors the Governments Practical Test Business service 18 hours a day to procure your driving test for the soonest date

Driving theory booking

To ensure that you pass your driving theory test with the minimum fuss, we provide you with dedicated theory training and 1:1 support throughout the entire course.

5DAY™ has ‘trainer booker’ status.  This allows us to pre – book your theory test. When you have passed your driving theory test you can then apply for your practical driving test.

Our dedicated team is there to respond quickly and efficiently whenever you need us.

Driving test booking

Many people find taking their driving test a stressful event so it makes good sense to use a qualified, experienced company that will support you through the entire learning process.

We often get asked how we manage to arrange our customer’s tests so quickly when there is a national waiting list of anything up to six months. The answer is simple: we have a dedicated team (located at our head office) that search for cancellations – all day every day!

Our excellent reputation has been built by offering exceptional customer service.

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