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15/11/2019 - North London

Discounted Barnet Centre Course Rates

Barnet Centre Discount

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08/11/2019 - Leeds

Discounted Leeds Centre Course Rates

Leeds Centre Discount

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Drivers face prosecution for touching mobile phone behind the wheel

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said an urgent review will be carried out to tighten up the existing laws on hand-held mobile use by motorists.

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Learner driver arrested for turning up to driving test in ‘stolen car’

A motorist has been arrested after travelling unsupervised to his own driving test.

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Electric car owners to be given green plates which could let them use bus lanes and park for free

Green number plates for zero tailpipe emission cars will be introduced which could help their drivers to benefit from local incentives such as free or cheaper parking and using bus lanes.

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Driving after Brexit: What you need to know

If a Brexit deal or withdrawal agreement is passed, UK licences will still be valid for visiting EEA countries during any transition period and there may be agreements for UK licences to be recognised for longer.

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Government announces £25bn improvements to English roads

Improvements to English roads

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11/09/2019 - North London

Congestion Charge zone to get 20mph speed limit by 2020

All roads managed by Transport for London (TfL) inside the London Congestion Charge zone are to get a 20mph speed limit by early 2020

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Parking on pavements could be banned across England

MPs call for a national ban on pavement parking, with motorists reportedly set to face a £70 fine for mounting the kerb

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DVSA to use iPads to electronically record driving test results

Providing staff with the right tools to do their job

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