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16/12/2015 - Norwich

Driving examiner strike candidates advised to attend tests

Driving examiner strike: candidates advised to attend tests

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) wants you to turn up for your driving test, despite the potential for strike action by some driving examiners on Thursday 19 November 2015.

DVSA is doing all it can to make sure that tests go ahead as planned and recommends that you turn up for your test. Not all examiners are union members, and those that are might still turn up for work.

If there’s no examiner available for your test

DVSA will book a new test appointment for you automatically if there’s no examiner available for your test. You’ll get details of your new appointment within 5 to 10 working days.

Out of pocket expenses

You can claim out-of-pocket expenses if your test is cancelled, but you must have turned up for your test to do this. If you don’t turn up for your test, you’ll have to rebook your own test and you won’t be able to claim out of pocket expenses.

You can find details about claiming out-of-pocket expenses on GOV.UK.