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Why pulling up on the right is real-life driving

Since we confirmed the changes to the driving test would go ahead, there have been lots of comments about when it’s suitable to pull up on the right of a road.

We know it’s not always suitable – and it’s not the default

As you know, best practice is to pull up on the left. This is still what we expect new drivers to be taught.

However, the reality is that it’s not always possible to pull up on the left.

So, as well as being taught that it’s best practice to pull up on the left, we want to make sure new drivers:

  • know what factors to take into account when they decide whether or not to pull up on the right
  • are trained to carry out the manoeuvre safely in appropriate places

You’re the best person to teach this

We think that it’s far safer for new drivers to be taught this legal manoeuvre by a trained expert, rather than leaving it chance once they’ve passed their test.

I know many of you already teach this and have been doing it for some time. It won’t be anything new to you.

It’s all about observation, accuracy and control

Pulling up on the right and reversing for 2 car lengths is an exercise that will assess these essential skills:

  • planning
  • awareness of road users from behind and oncoming
  • effective use of mirrors
  • accuracy and control
  • observation