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27/09/2023 - North London

An Observer investigation found: The real reason you cant find a driving test

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27/07/2022 - North London

Highway Code: updated sentences for driving offences

The Highway Code has been updated following a change in the law that affects the sentences for some driving offences. The updates are to the penalties for: 

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02/01/2020 - North London

Intelligent speed assist

It involves cameras that can read and understand road signs and place limits on our engines' power so you cannot drive over the speed limit.

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28/11/2019 - North London

Driverless cars to hit London streets in new trial

A Cambridge start-up has announced that a fleet of driverless cars will hit the capital’s roads.

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11/09/2019 - North London

Congestion Charge zone to get 20mph speed limit by 2020

All roads managed by Transport for London (TfL) inside the London Congestion Charge zone are to get a 20mph speed limit by early 2020

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02/09/2019 - North London

New drivers could be banned from driving at night under new licensing proposal

A potential ban on newly-qualified motorists driving at night could have severe implications on the lives of young people, according to motoring experts.
In a recent report, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced it is considering plans to introduce a graduated licence scheme for new dr…

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23/02/2017 - North London

Baker Street closed due to unsafe building

Baker Street closed due to unsafe building between Primrose Avenue and Lancaster Road. Closed since midday yesterday near The Hop Poles Pub, for the foreseeable future

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21/02/2017 - North London

A1 Borehamwood

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20/02/2017 - North London


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16/02/2017 - North London

Life ban for driver after police chase in Colindale

A PROLIFIC dangerous driver who smashed into a lamp post in Colindale during a police chase has been banned from the road for life.

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