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DVSA to use iPads to electronically record driving test results

A typical day sees examiners delivering a maximum of 7 driving tests. The current process requires them to spend a lot of time filling in test and candidate information on the DL25. They also have to record an overview of what happened on the previous test before the next one is conducted.

We wanted to make this process more efficient and our examiners lives easier. The new app, accessed on a tablet, prepopulates candidate and test information automatically from the booking and allows an overview of the previous test to be completed quickly and easily.

It will also provide them with immediate access to their testing schedule and highlight any specific needs the candidate might have let us know about when they booked their test. This will better prepare the examiner before meeting the candidate, to know how to help them.

An electronic version of the DL25

Examiners will conduct the test in exactly the same way as with the current paper form but will record it electronically on the app.

Capturing test results electronically will remove the need for almost 2 million test forms to be scanned each year and speed up notification of the result to DVLA, cutting the time taken for successful candidates to receive their full driving licence.