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Mobile Phones in cars

Pharrell Williams is the latest high-profile figure to come out in support of campaigns to stop drivers using mobile phones at the wheel.
Williams – certified pop royalty after a glittering career as a singer-songwriter and producer – warned drivers that causing an accident through sending a text message is “the last thing you want to do”.

Famous for his involvement with tracks like ‘Happy’ and ‘Get Lucky’, Williams joins the likes of tennis star Rafael Nadal and French footballer Antoine Griezmann in engaging publically with the topic.

The RAC is asking all drivers to take responsibility for their own safety and that of those around them – by declaring themselves ready to #bephonesmart and adding their name to a growing list of online pledgers.
Since the start of March, the penalty and fine issued to motorists caught using a hand-held phone behind the wheel has doubled to six points and £200.

The stricter measures were introduced off the back a series of high-profile cases and a growing body of research suggesting drivers of all ages appear prepared to flout the law.

Latest figures show that 22 people died in accidents on the UK’s roads in 2015 as a consequence of hand-held mobile phone use by at least one party. In addition, 99 more were seriously injured.

As well as the RAC’s #bephonesmart campaign, several others – such as the one spearheaded by Formula One’s governing body the FIA – are doing their bit to spread the message.